Trust the Experts to Level Your Land

Trust the Experts to Level Your Land

Choose our land grading service based in New Milford, CT and serving the surrounding areas

Whether you need your property graded for construction or a hillside re-sloped for drainage before, you can count on Bourne Contracting, LLC. Our professional land grading service will help you prep sites faster and more accurately than doing it on your own. Our grading and sloping abilities are second to none-you can expect top-notch results when you work with us.

Make an appointment with your local land grading contractor in New Milford, CT.

Hire us to prepare any site

Bourne Contracting offers commercial and residential land grading services to clients in New Milford, CT. Whether you need to install drainage or to level land to install a foundation, we're the excavation contractors to call.

You can use our foundation prep services for:

  • Making sure the land is level
  • Cutting a graded ditch for drainage
  • Grading and prepping the land for a gravel driveway

Our team is ready to prep the site for your residential or commercial project. Call now to schedule a land grading appointment.